The Committee


The Rising Dilemma

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Teaching English is not an easy task. Prepare students to be able to communicate effectively using language that is not their native language is a big responsibility for teachers. However difficult this task, something must be done to realize the main goal to be achieved.
Confronting the problem of the mind set that English is a difficult and boring subject that is something very challenging.
Day after day, the ability of students challenged by the skills in such a way, but its effectiveness to be adapted in their daily life is still a question mark.
Especially the social background that is not supported to adopt all the new skills they have learned.

The First Step

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Hi everyone, finally we have our website dedicated to the English Language Panel. We hope that you will have a good time browsing through and at the same time learn new things.  For students, you may check out the for students section for the fun activities in learning English Language.